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With the shifts in gamer demographics, a new angle on gaming journalism becomes a necessity. Fansites of old no longer hold the attention of all gamers: some of them grew older, some of them never read the fan sites in the first place.

Gameclowns.com is a Dutch language website about games and gaming. Structured like a news website, it offers the stories you won’t read on the gameblogs or in dedicated magazines. Gameclowns.com doesn’t run videos of the next installment of shooter XXXXIIVV, we don’t hype the hype, but observe the medium with the New Average Gamer in mind: the guy/gal who could be 15 or 45, who could be gaming once a week or every minute, who could be a grandmother, or who could not be gaming at all, but has an interest in interactive media.

Why the name?

In a court where kings are mighty and media bow to every wish, a jester is much needed.

Who writes at Gameclowns?

Gameclowns.com is the portfolio website of Dutch games journalist Arjan Terpstra.With more than a decade of experience in writing about games and gaming, Terpstra is the go-to person for in-depth stories and analysis on international trends, and for the latest sounding of the fast-changing Dutch gaming ecosystem. He recently wrote the booklet GamesNL, a publication by the Dutch Game Association, a bi-lingual assessment of the Dutch state of affairs in games and – entertainment and applied – gaming. You can download the free publication here.


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